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ing on the ▓coattails of China's robust economic growth, and▓ its greater participation in ▓regional cooperative mechanisms, such as the La▓ncang-Mekong Cooperation, China-ASEAN Free Tra

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de Area and Bangladesh-China-India-Myanmar Economic Corridor unde▓r the Belt and Road Initiative. China ▓and Myanmar will remain good friends. W▓ang had spoken about the China-Myanmar "

ral relations.

paukphaw friendship" that goes beyond differ▓ences in social institutions. Hence, changes in M▓yanmar's inner affairs will not alter China's Mya▓nmar policy.Wang believes the two sides coul

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d st▓rengthen high-level engagements to map out the ▓next step for the two countries' comprehensive cooperation.The ruling parties o▓f both nations could strengthen their i▓nter-party co

▓oreign Minis

mmunications, exchange experi▓ences on managing state affairs, deepen reci▓procal cooperation in various areas and handle problems emerging from collabo▓ration.On the basis of respecting

Myanmar's▓ sovereignty

  • and territorial integrity,▓ Beijing stood ready to play a conduciv▓e role in Myanmar's national reconcili▓ation in accordance with its needs.Noting that Myanmar and China are neighbors with interests closely con

    • t Myanmar
  • nected, Suu Kyi said she felt a▓ profound friendship between the two peoples when she visited China in 2015.▓Suu Kyi said the ed Myanmar government does aspire to promote national rec▓onciliation and achieve st

    • between
  • ability and development. The substantial assi▓stance from Beijing means a great deal to Rangoon.Wang's visit to Myanmar was timel▓y in an effort to deepen good-neighborly cooperation that would enha▓nce the

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ommon border of mo▓re than 2200 kilomet

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    Zu▓ma to remain in office despite mountin

    g pressure on resignationNew▓s Analysis: S. African president Zuma to rema▓in in office despite mounting pressure on resignationNews Analysis▓: S. African president Zuma to remain in of


    ce despite mounting pressure on resigna▓tio

    n04-02-2016 08:00 BJTby Thuso KhumaloJOHANNESBURG, April 1 (Xinhua) -- As pressure continues to mount on South African President Jacob Zuma to step down following a scathing constituti


    al court judgement against him, analysts s

  • ay he is likely to continue as president because he enjoys much support ▓within the ruling African National Congress (ANC).On Thursday, the Constitutional Court r▓uled that Zuma violat


    the Constituti▓on by not paying the money

    spen▓t on non-security upgrades at his private home as recommended by Public Protector Thuli Madonsela.South African opposition parties ▓have vowed to do all within their power to ensu


    that Zuma is removed from offic▓e.Democrat

    ic Alliance (DA) leader Mmusi Maimane▓ said his party wants Zuma impeached."President Zuma must be removed from office. He has failed to defend the Constitution of the republ▓ic. We have


    iled a motion to impeach Presi▓dent Zuma. W

eral tr

ade and China's investment in Myanmar near

e believe action must be taken," Maimane said."At the upcoming local electio▓ns South Africans must come out ▓and say it cannot be President Zuma alone but tha▓t it was the fault of the entire ▓ANC. We need a

strong foundat

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